I was shocked yesterday when I got to Iju station, Lagos to take a ride in the new train our government launched to Abeokuta. Olasumbo Otagbo and I, anticipated a wonderful ride that will give us so much reportorial and photography material for our travelogue.

Few days earlier, the federal government launched the new train with a promise that Nigerians will get two months free ride to Abeokuta.

On getting to Iju station, there was no train. We only saw caterpillars working there. Aside fun, it would also be a fact finding mission on the seriousness of our government, their promises and reality on ground.

We went to the station office (The place reminded us of the colonial period). Two officials we saw there told us many people have also been that morning but they are sorry, they don’t have information on when the train will start.They also told us they don’t even have the train schedule yet. One of them pointed to a phone number pasted on the wall. They told us to call later in the week for more information.

Ordinarily,information about the train take off time and so on should be on their website. Looking at each other with shock, Sumbo copied the number as we left…We later settled for public transport to Abeokuta…I met a 59 year old man in the car, who told me his life history- What he did in 1971,1972 and how his father bought their first television in 1975, his grandchildren, about his home town in Ijebu Igbo, about his grandchildren, politics of Remo and Ijebuland, Mike Adenuga and so on…Photo credit: Olasumbo Otagbo

Niyi Tabiti

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