What do you get when you add, deception, bigotory, ignorance and chaos? You get El-Rufai. Yes El- Rufai. All these vices in one man has so far added to escalating problems of this country. A prominent member if the APC, El- Rufai along with his accomplices have slowly and inadvertently unveiled the plans to rig the upcoming elections and sell the Nigerian dreams to deterioration and ignorance

The encouragement of not following due process have revealed the lack of care in relation to the welfare of many Nigerians. The Governor of Kaduna along with his accomplices are so desperate to remain in power and so desperate to piss off Nigerians that he has done acts that can only be described as unconscionable. The governor in his desperation to destabilize the rule of law and a bid to retain prominence has been working hard to obtain the approval of the INEC and influence the Kaduna State police command to accept his ‘state sponsored Kaduna Vigilante’ Services, also known as ‘ Kato da Gora’ to participate as part of the election security team. This allegation was solidly backed by the Coalition of United Political Party (CUPP)

The reason for the this bold act of recklessness by the governor is nothing short of suspicious. The INEC themselves are responsible for the security processes in each state to ensure free and fair election and the fact that El-Rufai seeks to administer his own security personal on his state suggests a manipulative agenda. There is no way that the security personnel have been recommended merely for the purpose of the protection of citizens. In fact, they are not there for the people at all but for the purpose of the fulfilment of an unlawful purpose

These acts over the last few weeks by the members of the APC ranging from the crisis within them as to the proposed candidates for governorship election in various states, to the the trailing godfatherism, to the blunders by their presidential candidate, the threats and acts by Ganduje and every other act by each candidate to sabotage the people’s right to vote are not encouraging chaos but also forcefully denying the people all that they are entitled to. The fact that this party does not serve the best interest of the people and in no way interested in the country’s prosperity is unequivocal and unmistakable

The fate of Nigeria has been consistently placed as long as we’ve known in the hands of men who are incompetent uninsightful, shameless and soaked in the depths of greed, wallowing in it and leaving Nigerians with complaints and great distress. It is only right that we stand up for ourselves because doing nothing is only aiding the worse.

by Ahmed Salami

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