Remember when El-Rufai was in the news for something good? No? Me neither. Beginning of the APC administration saw scathing articles about him, ordering the killing of 300 Shia women and children, and even disemboweling pregnant people in Kaduna. Was that enough? No! El-Rufai’s affinity for violence pushed him to making various ill-inspired statements about paying killers and kidnappers to stop causing mayhem in Southern Kaduna.

In order words, he did not build houses for people whose houses were razed, he did not give them a new source of livelihood, and he did not care enough to put them aright. However, he was so caring enough to give millions to their killers and kidnappers; for what? Oh! He even knows the kidnappers and killers? That must be great. Why has he not brought them to book?

Well, his divisive politics has really endeared him to the hearts of extremists. His description of killed and maimed Shias as animals who deserve what they got, will remain clear in our minds. The Hague has released a statement about people planning to create chaos in Nigeria and how they will face the wrath of the law. Nigeria by virtue of belonging to international bodies, usually welcome observers during elections like this.

However, El-Rufai while un-looking the clear interference of Niger Republic in Nigeria’s politics, has sworn to kill international observers and send them back to their countries in body bags. He stated this in an interview with Cyril Storber on NTA on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019. Is this what Kaduna people have been experiencing? El-Rufai is legit threatening violence on UN observers who include delegates from countries like US, UK, France etc.

Nigerians have not forgiven him in his inhumane and nefarious role in dragging the judiciary in the mud by illegally swearing in a CJN without recourse to the NJC, while victimizing Justice Nkanu Onnoghen because he would not do their biddings. This is a call for help. El-Rufai and millions like him are planning to cause mayhem not only on Nigerians, but on members of the international community. This must be stopped.

by Mohammad Yusuf

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